The Translator Dashy widget instantly translates text to/from dozens of the world’s most popular languages.

Translator Dashy Widget


The Translator Dashy widget is powered by Google Translate. It instantly translates text to/from dozens of the world’s most popular languages. The widget can help with all of your translation needs from Arabic to Zulu and everything in between. Let’s take a look at how the widget functions and how it can be useful to you.

Translator Dashy Widget - Dashboard View

How do I use the Translator widget?

Type or copy/paste text into the widget. The widget’s default setting is to auto-detect the language of the added text. Use the drop down menu to scroll through the list of languages to translate to, or click the drop down box and type in the search bar for the language you are looking for.

The Translator widget can translate texts up to 2048 characters in length, which is nearly the size of this article.

Once you’ve received your translation, you can click the copy button next to the drop down menu to quickly grab the entirety of your translated text to paste elsewhere.

Translator Dashy Widget - Side Panel View

Why should I use the Translator widget?

The largest reason is efficiency. There are plenty of translators out there, and even some Chrome extensions for the purpose of translation. However, Dashy provides a way for you to complete translation without opening a New Tab or a separate extension. It can be added to your dashboard or side panel and used along with all of our other widgets simultaneously.

You can translate text, copy and paste it into your notes, into a calendar event description, or whatever you need.

Everyone who needs to use a translator has their own reason. Maybe you want to send an email to your Dutch great-grandmother about the Nederlandse Breidagen (Dutch Knitting Festival). Perhaps you need to send messages to your international work team. You can quickly translate a message into multiple languages so everyone can be on the same page. Whatever your reason, the translator widget is here to help.


The Translator widget is extremely simple and user-friendly and we hope it helps make your translation tasks a bit easier. If you ever run into trouble navigating a widget or need assistance, please reach out to us through the Feedback widget or any of our social media channels.

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