The Converter widget helps you convert currency, length, volume, weight, and more!


The Converter widget has launched on and is ready to assist with all of your conversion needs. Quickly convert currencies, lengths, volume, weight, and anything else you can think of between different measurement systems.

Converter Dashy Widget

Curious how many Laotian Kips make a US dollar? Need to convert those maritime nautical miles to something a little more familiar? Need to know how many ㎟ are in an acre for that zoning project? The Converter widget has you covered.

How it works

Click the dropbox at the upper left of the widget to select what you need to convert. Then use the two drop boxes on the right to scroll through and select the two values you wish to compare. You can type in custom amounts to quickly see the converted length, currency, speed, etc.

Thanks to the Converter widget you will never get caught not knowing your Fahrenheit from your Kelvin again!

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