Password Generator

A widget that instantly generates very strong passwords from 8-64 characters long.

Password Generator
Password Generator Dashy Widgets

The Password Generator Dashy widget lets you instantly create Fort Knox worthy passwords.

How does the Password Generator work?

In this ever-growing online world, account security has become an increasing area of concern for many people. Long gone are the days of your Club Penguin, Hotmail, and bank account passwords all being Mypetsname111. Password strength matters for your account security, and the Password Generator widget will help you instantly create very strong passwords.

Password Generator Dashy Widget

Select the length of your desired password, select your desired character checkboxes, and you will instantly be provided with a password that even teenaged Mathew Broderick couldn't crack.

You can chose from a password length of 8-64 characters, and are able to quickly copy your figurative vault door by pressing the copy icon below the code. Dashy does not track or store any of these generated passwords, and they are quite difficult to remember, so make sure to stash your new access codes someplace secure, like your refrigerator.

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