Stocks and Crypto

Keep tabs on your favorite stocks and cryptocurrencies with the Stocks widget and the Crypto widget.

Stocks and Crypto
Stocks and Crypto Dashy Widgets

The Stocks Dashy widget and Crypto Dashy widget provide you with real-time prices and changes you can view at a glance. Pick which stocks or currencies you want to track.

Stocks Dashy Widget

How do the Stocks and Crypto Dashy widgets work?

Keeping tabs on your favorite stocks and cryptocurrencies has never been easier with the Stocks widget and Crypto widget now available for your personal Dashy. The two widgets operate in the same user-friendly fashion. They both allow users to click the add icon and pin the stocks and currencies that matter to them to the widget. The widget shows the stock or currency’s current value, as well as its daily % change.

Crypto Dashy Widget

You are able to sort pinned items in a variety of ways utilizing the drop down menu, so you can keep tabs on your portfolio in whatever way you prefer. Maybe you like to see which stocks have risen the most today, or maybe you want to see which cryptocurrencies are worth the most up top. Perhaps you like to see your dream of a vacation home in Aspen slipping away by sorting by largest % drop. However you digest your data, the Stocks and Crypto widgets are there to help.

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