Time Tracker

A widget for tracking work sessions, workouts, breaks, or whatever you need to track. Keeps a history log as well.

Time Tracker
Time Tracker Dashy Widgets

Track the time you have logged on any task with the Time Tracker Dashy widget.

How does the Time Tracker Dashy widget work?

Have you ever wondered how long it really takes you to fill out a TPS report? You can now find out the answer down to the millisecond without having to leave the luxurious comfort of your home Dashy. The Time Tracker widget is now available to assist with any of your tasks that involve the clock going up. Add a label to what you are timing if you so desire, and start that clock. Just don't forget to stop it, it will keep counting for a really long time.

Time Tracker Dashy Widget

If you expand the widget, you can see your recent timed sessions. The widget can hold up to 50 sessions in its history, so you can access your work sessions for the day, your time spent on Reddit, or whatever you use Stopwatch for. You can clear your history at any time, or delete individual sessions to keep things tidy.

Time Tracker Dashy Widget - Expanded

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